Use this page as a hub for resources we’ve provided to make your Plunge experience as enjoyable as possible.

Donation Tools

Use the forms below to ask for and keep track of donations you or your team.

Offline Donation   Donation Tracking   Offline Registration Form

Plunger Tools

Whether it’s social media, printed materials or forms, we’ve got you covered!

Event Logo Graphic

Shareable Graphics

Feel free to click on these graphics and save them so you can send them to friends and family and/or post them on social media. Make sure to give people the link to your fundraising page!

Zoom Backgrounds

“Zoom” meetings have become part of our daily lives. So why not use it to kick-start your fundraising efforts? Download and add a custom Zoom virtual background that’s guaranteed to spark conversations regarding your plunge!  Click on the thumbnail image below to see the full version.

Contact Us

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