Whether you want to earn bragging rights, get some cool swag or just help out Special Olympics New Jersey as much as you can, our incentive program is your way to get your hands on some Plunge gear.

As you hit fundraising milestones, you’ll earn the items below which are cumulative – and help out Special Olympics New Jersey even more…win win! So the more money you raise, the more cool items you will receive.

What is the minimum amount required to receive an incentive?

ALL PLUNGERS must raise a minimum of $100. If plunging as a team, all team members are still required to raise at least $100. This $100 will get each plunger the first incentive item, Polar Bear Plunge Hoodie.

I have raised donations both online and offline with cash and checks. How will volunteers at Plunge check-in know how much I have raised?

Our check-in system has up to the minute totals for your online fundraising and will be added to anything additional you may turn in on site. At pre-check in and day-of check in, Plunge volunteers will have access to all donations made online to your account. Any donations mailed in to the State Office are also included in this total. Plungers are responsible for bringing all offline donations (cash, checks) to check-in so they can receive credit for those funds.

Are the Plunge incentives for sale?

We do not sell any of our Plunge incentives because we feel it is a privilege for those who participate and have earned the various incentive levels. If we do have a large amount of incentives left at the end of the season, we’ll make the items available online. we do have separate souvenirs that are available for anyone to purchase at the Plunge.

Am I guaranteed to receive my incentive when I check in?

We do our best to order enough incentives to cover all the Plungers who participate, but if there is a large increase in Plunge registrations, we may not have everyone’s incentives available on site. If you do not receive your incentives the day of the Plunge, they will be mailed to you as soon after the event as possible.¬†All incentives $5,000 and above will be mailed after the Plunge.

Can I trade my incentive after the event?

Plungers cannot change their incentive after the event. Incentives are given out based on what your fundraising total is on the day of the event. Any funds turned in after the event will still go towards your fundraising total, but will not change your incentive.

*Please note all incentive colors and styles are subject to change based on availability.